AYVP Malaysia 2018 Category of Application

AYVP Malaysia 2018 Facilitator

For Malaysian only (10 seats)

AYVP Malaysia 2018 Volunteer

For ASEAN Nationals (50 seats)

AYVP Malaysia 2018 Paid Volunteer

For Non ASEAN Nationals (30 seats)

AYVP Malaysia 2018 TEAM

Ms. Liew Y. R. Alyssa

Coordinator (Content & Publication)
Develop programme content, documentation, clear governance and standard operating process for various aspects of the AYVP activities and source for funding opportunities for the sustainability of the programme

Mr. Wong Kin Lun

Coordinator (Operations)
Responsible for all aspects of the administrative and organisational implementation of programmes, including overseeing the efficient and effective day-to-day operations of AYVP and administering and monitoring the monthly cash flow of the AYVP funds according to the approved budget

Miss Anis Aza Akma Mohamad

Head Of Application & Selection
Manage enquiries by applicants and volunteers on all communication channels